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photonews 20.1.2012

99 days until the Royal Wedding 554 days until the London Olympics


Happy New Year

Welcome everyone to the very first photonews of 2012. "Happy New Year" to you all. We hope that you had a great time over the festive period. With the thought of mince pies, turkey and Christmas gifts not to mention the heavy aftermath of new year nothing more than a distant memory, it seems harsh to bring your focus straight back to work. We hope we can help you to have (photographically speaking) a prosperous 2012.

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One from the Portfolio

Property Letting Furniture Solutions or PLFS have been a regular client and recently updated their product range. They required photography of 18 room sets and individual product shots for their soon to be launched website. PLFS invited our input at the very beginning of the assignment so that together with designers and set-builders, we were able to work through the complexities such a large shoot entails. With such a huge amount of furniture to assemble, store and shoot it was decided the most cost effective route would be to hire an empty warehouse near PLFS's base for a few weeks. Whilst shooting one set, the next set was being prepared and this allowed us to photograph 3 sets a day including a number of close ups. The results were a huge saving in both time and money, so the time spent planning really did pay off for this client.

Dr Mark

Tricks and Tips

Over the coming months Dr Mark will give you some handy tricks and tips. These are aimed at helping you make your shoot more cost effective and in so doing, saving you money.
It may seem blatently obvious but it is crucially important to plan ahead. We have had occasions where the client has arrived at the studio with no idea of what they want to achieve.
Make sure you have all the items you will need including the correct leads and adaptors, etc..
Maybe make a checklist beforehand. Confirm that your product is fault free. Common issues include missing or uncharged batteries or items in the wrong colour. .
Like my dad used to say, "fail to plan, plan to fail!!"

This Month

We have been...

Shooting babies!!!!!!!!

The above shot was taken for BabiesRus and appeared in a recent catalogue. Don't underestimate the power of adding a model to your product, just picture this shot without the child, does it still make you feel warm and fuzzy?
Our experience with models and agencies means we can always find the right model for the right occation from babies to grandparents.
It's not always about the model as our photographers have years of experience getting the best out of them.


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When it comes to flexibility and control you simply cannot beat the 5 x 4 technical view camera.
Our Sinar P2 with a Phase One flex adapter allows us to attach our digital backs. This means we can stitch multiple exposures to create a much larger file size.
The camera also has adjustable standards (see the flex bit above) providing perspective correction and direction of focus. These cameras can literally take photos around corners, when photographing small products these cameras are second to none.

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