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photonews 31.10.2013

Samhainophobia is the fear of halloween 54 sleeps until Christmas


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Scary Pumpkin
Pumpkin silhouette

Happy Halloween

We have been very busy recently and as you may have noticed I have got a little behind on our newsletters.
So I apologise to the people that have missed them and promise not to do it again!
I do have a good reason for our absence as we have been working on our new website. Yes the old carousel site is no more. Lots of people liked it, and loved scrolling all the images around but it was built in flash, didn't work on iPhones and was a pain to optimise for web searches.
The new site is a lot friendlier to google and allows us to update and change the content, which is good as we always have new pictures to add.
So... have a good evening trick or treating, don't eat to many sweets! Then if you get a minute please visit our new website, look at all the pretty pictures, click on the buttons and email us any bits that don't work properly!!!!!

This Month
Jet Engine

Jet Engines

If you're a bit of a geek and are into engines and oily things like I am, then you would have loved our recent job with Olympus KeyMed. We were asked to photograph some of their scopes on location at British Airways Heathrow maintenance hanger. We were granted access, not to a training room or a display area with dummy engines, but to the "actual factory floor" where engineers were working on a vast number of real engines. The total value of all the engines in the area literally ran into millions and millions of pounds. So to say we had to be careful was an understatement. As with all jobs of this nature we had to work around the staff and respect all their Health and Safe rules. They still had to keep to their schedules so we couldn't get in the way. Our engine was from a 737 and was being checked to establish how much work would be required to refresh it. The scopes we photographed allow the engineers to see the blades inside. Any internal damage can be spotted quickly and the parts ordered before taking the engine apart speeding up the repair.

Different Apetures

Depth of field

During jobs we get asked lots of questions about photography and how to take pictures. A common request is how to make backgrounds blurry or everything sharp. I don't really have space in our newsletter to explain all of lens theory so I'll keep it simple. As the picture above shows you have a "hole" known as the aperture in the middle of the lens. Originally its primary role was to control the amount of light that hits the film. On a proper lens it's adjusted with a ring with F stops marked on it. The larger the F stop ie F32, the smaller the aperture. The size of the aperture doesn't just effect the amount of light but also how the light passes through, effecting the depth of field. ie the area that is sharp. A large aperture (small F-stop i.e. F2.8) allows the light passing thought the lens to scatter, creating a short depth of field (blurry background) and a small aperture (big F-stop i.e. F32) controls the light path and makes it more parallel creating a greater depth of field. Of course these aperture adjustments will require different shutter speeds to achieve the correct exposure balance. Longer exposure for the small apertures and vice versa.

Dr Mark
Dr Mark

New Website

As I mentioned before we have gone live on our new website. Believe it or not it has taken us more than 2 years to get this far. In truth there are still bits we would like to change, I have still to finish our demo video and the images in the gallery are the ones we chose at the beginning of the project and need to be updated already. A new feature that's already working well is our ability to upload your finished jobs to a secure area within our website for you to download. This will help anyone whose company's web security won't allow the use of "We Transfer" or "Drop Box". We have finally got live examples of our 360 photography running for you to view, but best of all the site now works on iPhones and iPads. Yesssssssss..... we are only about 5 years behind. I really thought flash would one day appear on the iPhone. What do I know? Now days iMacs don't have DVD drives, the new Mac Pro looks like a waste-paper bin, and my new phone can't connect to all my old 30pin accessories! Oh the joy of modern technology!

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