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photonews 28.5.2013

Today in 1983 the Soviets launch the world's biggest space station, Mir.

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Keyhole Forceps

Keyhole Forceps

Following on from last month's medical theme, this newsletter's main image is of a surgeon holding an Olympus ENDOEYE laparoscope. The client commissioned it for use as a cover shot in a direct mail campaign.
This unique video camera and light source are used in key-hole surgery and although its only 5.4mm wide it produces fantastically clear HD images relayed onto monitors that you could see in last month's newsletter. This allows the surgeon to conduct the operation with instruments like the one shown above.
Obviously being so small you can't use your average camera, the forceps above are only 2-3mm long. This demands specialist cameras, lenses (which fortunately we have), a really good understanding of how optics work and applying lesser known photographic techniques to achieve the desired result.
Olympus always give us a challenge as their products can be very small, very shiny and very often enlarged to enormous sizes for exhibition panels.
This means we have to be very careful with cleanliness (dust and fingerprints) and extreme care has to be taken when retouching, as any mistakes will become very obvious.

This Month
spin and zoom coin

Sir Terry Wogan

The BBC is making a documentary, hosted by Sir Terry Wogan exploring the beneficial effects of simulated daylight on people in care homes. They are looking into how regular exposure to blue light can improve mood and sleep patterns. Sir Terry was on location at Hallmark's Anisha Grange care home talking to residents and running a focus group asking them how the light was changing their lives. Hallmark wanted us to record the day, not just lots of pretty pictures of people standing next to Terry smiling but to really capture the day and the whole filming process. When you have a job involving a celebrity or a VIPs, you never know what to expect. Some are so important that you get the chance of just one shot and then they must move on. In fact some VIPs are notorious and play on it. So when Terry walked into the room and asked where we would like to take the pictures, the pressure was on. In fact, it was a joy! He had all the time in the world for us and for everyone else to take pictures, he never stopped smiling, rarely blinked and gave hugs and handshakes to all the residents and staff. To top this, the film crew let me stay on-set as they filmed and then posed for various mock filming pictures. In the end the whole experience was an unexpected pleasure.



Spin and zoom!

As soon as I started showing you our iPhone & iPad compatible 360 spin images, you all wanted more, ignoring the fact that we were one of the first studios to offer it as an alternative to flash based products (we know how well they work with iPhones! ! !) you all asked, "can you zoom in as well?".
Until last week, the answer was no, Now I am pleased to say that with some hard work from our software partners, the answer is yes!!
It's still in the Beta test stage but all is going well, so to see a test click here (give it time to load) and then you can play with the controls to your hearts content. As before everything is adjustable, position and colour of the buttons, size, speed, rotation and angle, all to suit your requirements. Remember that there is no additional cost for this service, just the time it takes in the studio. What a fantastic way to highlight a product on your website or as a feature backdrop on a large HD screen at an exhibition!!
Size of the product is not always important, as we have shown in previous newsletters, anything from an ant to an antelope (as long as it’s stuffed).

Dr Mark
Professor Mark

Data vs Creativity

It was mentioned by Sir John Hegarty at the Advertising Weekly European conference that that data poses a threat to creativity. That in a brave new world, everything will be based on rational decisions;
logic at the expense of magic.
Imagery would be designed and aimed at target audiences based on the results of customer surveys and groupings, leading to results being sterile and robotic.
The truth is that most effective advertising and images have never evolved in this way, based on "Big Data".
An example of this is the 2007 Cadbury Gorilla advert, which was just a crazy idea based on pure creativity but is now the most viewed advert on YouTube.
It wasn't the result of focus groups or trends in customer surveys.
Photography formed by committee, with input at many levels normally leads to compromised shots diluting the original creativity.
We all need to find the correct balance and have faith that good strong creative imagery sells, even if the model is wearing a gorilla costume.

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