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photonews 26.3.2013

On this day in 1902 Irving Colburn patented the sheet glass drawing machine. 42 days until May Bank Holiday


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baby hens
This Month
baby hen

This is not a Robin!

For this spring edition of our newsletter we have produced for you some lovely pictures of week old baby hens.
Originally to produce a higher click ratio, we wanted to go with hot ch!cks or y0ung b1rds but were strongly advised that no one would receive the newsletter as every content filter on the net would reject it.
The baby hens were on loan to us from a local primary school and of course no animals were harmed during the filming, although now a couple may have an over inflated ego.
Obviously the final image isn't as straight forward as it looks as the group is a composite taken from a selection of the many images we shot.
During the editing process we noticed that while scrolling throught the images it looked as if it was dancing on the screen, this in turn lead to our animated baby chicken.
Our planned spring photograph is slightly ironic as at the time of writing some of us are knee deep in snow and the weather would be more suited to a Robin red breast in a winter scene than cute little fluffy spring chickens.
That will teach me to plan newsletters ahead!!

marks broken wrist

Take a break!

As you know we like a good challenge, this month Mark has decided to try and do his job with one hand tied behind his back.
Literally, because he decided to break his wrist, in what he describes as "a most heroic racing crash involving flips, spins and skids etc..."
This follows on well from last month's Man Flu.
This has led to some practical challenges in the studio, but with some modifications and adjustments to his equipment and software (thank god it was his left wrist) normal service has been maintained.
Because we work in a controlled environment with studio stands and tethered shooting Mark has still been able to light and compose shots as he doesn't need to be hanging from the top of a ladder to look through the viewfinder.
When asked why the blue cast Mark replied "I don't like girly pink".
With a busy March it is a good job that Mark has been able to work one handed and both photography and re-touching went on without disruption.
Poor old Mark Ridgway now gets twice as much lifting and carrying to do, Phil has become his personal chauffeur and the girls are on standby to fluff up his pillows. Mark is possibly milking it for all it is worth.


Smoke and mirrors

I was in the middle of a job, shooting some professional electrical testing equipment and the client stopped me and asked me what I was doing. I replied "I am adjusting a mirror to put an extra highlight on your product", he then said, "What do the other mirrors do?" I said "This adds shape etc...."
This got me thinking, mirrors in photography for lighting are really important but rarely taught in colleges and to be truthful I have worked with many photographers as an assistant in the past and not many used them.
If you ask most amateurs about cameras or lenses, they can tell you all about them and if you ask most Pro-am Photographers about lights, they can give you all the specs, but there are no glossy ads in the magazines for stands and mirrors, there is no mirror marketing board and so they get overlooked.
One of the simplest and cheapest pieces of photographic equipment is generally ignored or misunderstood.
Take it from us, after years of using mirrors to add flicks and highlights these basic tools can really add interest and bring your image to life!

Dr Mark
Professor Mark

Won't wait can't wait

Today with the increasing pressure on tight deadlines, the need to produce packaging and catalogues, products that have not been fully developed things can change at the drop of a hat.
ometimes market requirements change, new deals are struck and this all leads to last minute alterations in the product spec, different colours, styles of packaging, user interface and ranges.
All this to tell you that I have just finished a large job and discovered that the client would now like to alter the colours to fit into a new market sector.
This adjustment has come about from a new exciting opportunity for the client and the original colours do not harmonise with the rest of the ranges.
No amount of forward planning can account for this.
Luckily my magic silver box will be able to turn them all to pantone 109 for the client and allow them to meet their printing deadlines without having to wait for products to be produced and shipped. So if you're your waiting for your final samples but really need to produce your marketing collateral now then give us a call because as you all know we love a challenge and are confident enough to do it with one arm tied behind our backs.

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