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photonews 29.1.2013

On this day in 1918 the worlds largest diamond was found at 3106 carat 61 days until Easter


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Hugo Boss Close Up
This Month
Cleaning Products

Happy New Year

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Before I start, thanks for the feedback on the xmas card, it gives us a real buzz when we make our clients smile. It did become a labour of love to get all the elements working.
I think I'll stick with a simpler idea this year!
We had a strange start to 2013 as we were welcomed back to the studio with an extremely unpleasant smell. It turned out a rat, yes a rat had died in the building, the poor thing had got trapped in the wall cavity and couldn't get out. This was only discovered after we almost completely tore the place apart looking for the source of the pong. Everyone was blaming me and expecting to find a very mouldy discarded sandwich. Industrial amounts of cleaning fluids and air fresheners were used. Builders had to make repairs, but at least this gave us a chance to do a bit of long overdue decorating and an early spring clean.
So, have a good new year and let's hope it's not as smelly as our start!

New Customer
Hugo Boss Jeans Model

Hugo Boss

We were super excited to have a new client on board for the beginning of 2013. Hugo Boss Orange, (The orange range is aimed at younger consumers of fashion, so that counts us out!!!) They needed to shoot a new store style guide so that customers could see clearly what the different cut of jeans had to offer. The images had to reflect the product and have a relaxed casual feel. The project had been discussed and worked out before the day of the shoot. This allowed us to set up a couple of backgrounds and some lighting options. The first time we all met in person was in the studio, and because of the preparation, we hit the ground running. The job, as a result went super smooth and it was great to meet and work with such lovely people. Also we have to mention that the model was 6ft 3in, extremely cool, so we had to tie Angela and Michelle to their chairs.

Nikon close Up

Bigger isn't better

The last couple of years have seen fantastic advances in 35mm camera technology. Today we have small SLR sized cameras which have resolutions that can match some of the medium format cameras. This is great, but does come with a price, not just cost, but the hurdles that such high resolution sensors bring with them. To produce sharp pictures these cameras need top notch lenses, these don't just tend to be very expensive but large and inflexible. To achieve good results you really need a good understanding of the techniques and processes required in photography. So, no handheld shots with slow shutter speeds or one handed snaps, because the pixels on the chip are smaller, noise can be a problem. You have to set your exposure bang on and balance your sensor speed requirements with the sensitivity needed to set a good clear sharp image. That's why you use professional photographers and get great results!

Dr Mark
Dr Mark

Just a quick snap

It has been a sad start to the year for some people, especially those who work for HMV or Jessops. Both were stores I frequented but obviously not enough. So we all have to face facts that the way we shop has changed and that the internet has become our new high street. In fact Monday the 3rd of December was the busiest online shopping day ever with £10,000 spent every second. Very soon the only interaction between your customers and your product will be the image. For a long time the phrase "and a quick snap for the web" has been used, but when the total sales of your new widget rests on a quickly taken snapshot, should we not be putting more energy in improving the customers experience. You need to show them more comparisons and colour options. We already shoot 360 degree images, interactive images and video for many of our clients. So if we are not doing it for you, you really need to give us a ring.

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