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photonews 28.2.2013

On this day in 1953 DNA as we know it was discovered 30 days until Easter


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falling down the stairs
This Month

Progressive House

We all like to think we are cool. You meet someone who is really cool then reality dawns and you realise you are a middle aged photographer who is a bit of a geek with a wife and kids reaching for the Porsche catalogue. DJ Dominic Crowe is the coolest person I know. He found us through Google and asked if we could design and produce an image to print directly onto a collection of CD's that he wanted to produce. The brief was for a "Pop Art style" shoot with a range of complimentary background colours and with an interesting heavy shadow on the wall behind him. We had to take into account the shape of the disk and the position of the image on it. After the shoot we sent examples for him to add his own input. We then produced a short run of bespoke printed disks for him to burn his music to. And because we are nice we gave him a quick lesson on CD printing so that he will be able to produce his own disks in the future. Angela was also educated into the difference between Dance, House and Progressive House. (Although up to that point she thought House was Hugh Laurie)

fall down

Have a good trip!

Through one of our designers DMC Design and Print we have been shooting a series of information posters, this time for the Greater Anglia Railway. So far we have photographed Judges, Police Officers as well as rail staff.
At the beginning of this month we had to shoot passengers falling down the stairs. Of course we had to find some stunt passengers specialising in the skill of falling over, and it just so happened that Phil and Sylvie (Marks wife) are both highly skilled at falling over. The shoot took place at Tottenham Hale station on a Sunday when the station and line were closed for maintenance. Of course it was the coldest day on record and everyone had to be dressed in regular clothes (i.e. no big coats or bobble hats) as this was an all year round campaign. Before we could even get the camera out of the bag it was obvious that the stairs and the platform had to be scrubbed clean as several thousand people walk over those spots every day. (Station clean isn't camera clean) This thorough cleaning may or may not have led to Mark's current state of ill health namely Man Flu!!

in the shadows

In the shadows

This month we have upgraded to Capture One's new version of their RAW image processing software V7.
Why is this important you ask?
Well, if we had not gone over to this new version we would not have been able to photograph people falling down the stairs for Greater Anglia's safety poster campaign, because it was not just cold, it was also very dark. The new software allows us an extra stop of film speed whilst still retaining all the detail and not resulting in lots of noise in the shadows. This delivers a cleaner, crisper image with sharper details for you and allows us to be more flexible by shooting in harsher conditions. On top of all of this, the software contains a new colour engine that allows greater colour accuracy, brilliant for all the clothes we shoot and a general behind the scenes tidying up which makes the software faster and more responsive. Great for our sanity when we use it all day!
So if you need a Black Cat who needs to be photogrphed in a coal celler, give us a call.

Dr Mark
Professor Mark

Disks are dead?

The new Apple iMac is now available from the Apple Store. In their divine wisdom they have chosen to alleviate us the burden of having to handle extremely heavy silver and gold disks we have become accustomed to. How have we managed for the last 30 years with such a cumbersome antiquated form of technology such as the good old CD/DVD?
A visit to the studio by an Apple store employee gave us an interesting insight into this when we were informed that the CD/DVD is dead. When questioned what quick, low cost, portable, disposable method of file transfer was going to replace the humble disk, there was no clear answer. Yes, you can use USB sticks even though they cost a lot more than disks, but they are not simple to label and brand, also different operating systems may not see them. You can't e-mail as most mail clients can't cope with large attachments. Yes you could upload to the cloud, but that's not fun when you have to share 4.3 Gb of Photoshop layered files, also is it secure?
So the rumours of the death of CD/DVD we feel has been greatly exaggerated.

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