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photonews 25.4.2013

Today in 1928 Buddy, a German shepherd became the first Guide dog.

10 days until May Bank Holiday


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Operating Theatre
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opperating theatre

Traveling light

This month's main image and its little brother were taken at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in their brand new Endoalpha Laparoscopic Theatre. We had been asked to shoot the official opening and also photograph the theatre before it was used and still new and shiny. I had photographed a couple of these theatres before and knew what to expect, especially their groovy lighting systems. The cyan light is used to increase the contrast in the room as it's the opposite of Red….
A flight had been booked but because most of the photographic kit is fragile, that had to go as hand luggage and the stronger bits (tripod stands etc..) went in the hold but took up all my weight allowance. So I had to put my socks and pants in the camera bag and just pray I didn't get my dinner down my shirt. The rest of the general accessories lived in my pockets or slung around my neck. Security was still tight at Stansted and I hate to imagine what the people in the queue behind me thought as I emptied all of the equipment into the x-ray trays. It then became one of those lightning bolt jobs where upon landing I took a Taxi to the hospital, recced, set up and took test shots. Then it was dinner and bed. At the crack of dawn, back to the hospital, shots of the theatre, guests, cutting ribbon, live operation and then a mad dash back to the airport. Hoping that I hadn't left anything very expensive inside the patient!

This Month
Aircraft crew chair

Flying visit!

"Hi, can you help us out? We have a new product in development but there won't be much time between finishing it and shipping it to the States."
"How long have we got?"
"Err, let's say not long, it's very urgent."
So after Michelle made a few phone calls and reorganised our diary, we found ourselves setting up our studio kit in Southend, ready for the mad rush.
Ipeco are a local, family owned company who develop and manufacture flight deck crew seats and executive passenger seating for all the big aircraft manufacturers worldwide.
Ipeco was founded in the 1960's, however, in the early 1970's, the current CEO's grandfather designed a new ergonomic crew seat, which he put in the back of his car and drove around Europe to find a launch customer and the rest as they say is history.
In fact, the seat we photographed at 12.00 was due to fly to America at 14.00 to be installed in a fuselage mock-up which will be exhibited at EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) in Geneva next month.
Fortunately we had a little longer with the seats than anticipated, which allowed us to take various configurations and close-ups as well.
Then, in a flash we were gone!



Honestly, this wasn't us just playing with Lego in the studio one afternoon. It was a serious grown-up attempt to demonstrate what is achievable using our 360 photography service.
Yes, we could have borrowed a product from someone and took some very seriouse images, but LEGO was just more fun.
All too often we get asked can we show features that are on the front and back in a single image, at the same time.
Well now we can!
Going one step further still, we can now show the front, back and the insides too!
To see a larger fully interactive version
click here
and it will load in a new window. This technique is not just restricted to LEGO but can be applied to all sorts, shapes and sizes of products. We have multiple turntables to spin anything from mobile phones to racing karts, which can help you produce richer content for your website or interactive catalogues.
For more information and prices, or where you can buy the LEGO toy from give us a call as there are many options available.

Dr Mark
Professor Mark

Hotting up

Spring is finally here, the weather is improving, the days are getting longer.
I'm sure I have said this before but if you have location projects on the back burner, turn up the gas and set them going, as summer will be over like a flash. There must be some strange photographic law similar to the one that makes your toast always land butter side down, that dictates we only get summer location jobs in November and poor old Mark 2 has to clone leaves back onto trees and flowers back into gardens. I'm not joking. We once had to do that for a conservatory brochure. So look at your product launch plans, raid your budget pot, look for spare change under the coffee machine and let's all get clicking.
On a separate note, as many of you know photographic assignments has two photographers as well as two studios and all the kit to allow them to run simultaneously, so if there is a last minute request we can always respond no matter if it's in the studio or on location near or far. So remember, don't stress, just pick up the phone and give us a call, we are here to make your photography easy!

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