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photonews 25.10.2012

On this day in 1881 Pablo Picasso was born 61 sleeps until Christmas


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Scary Pumpkin
Musto Jacket Close Up

Happy Halloween

It's been pretty busy this month with lots of new big clients, including a high end car manufacturer whose two initials are somewhere between Q and S in the alphabet. They had a new giftware range that needed photographing, including the famous Spirit of Ecstasy statue. Also in the list is a well known electronics manufacturer and still to come are projects with Hugo Boss Orange, Arri and Panavision. The rest of the month will see us chasing up the country to Leeds and then down to Brighton. So as you can see, its been pretty full on, but that does not mean we don't have time for you, so if you have any questions, projects or just simple snaps, give us a call. So, Happy Halloween, try not to eat too many sweeties and if you do get five minutes to spare, have a look at our Newsletter Archive and give us some feedback.

This Month
Musto baselayer


"It's an interesting shoot" was the subject title in the email brief that we received from the client, without much more information than that, until the morning of the job. 'Richer Content' perfectly describes this project as what was required were stills, video and interactive 360 spins. The two Musto images above are stills from the video, which showed amongst many things the 4 way, (Yes, 4 way!) stretching of the fabric and logo, water repellence, breathability and garment compression. The poor model got squirted with cold water then covered in steam, while trying to keep perfectly still so she stayed sharp. (Very Glamorous) Because of the type of job, we were up, down, forwards and backwards all day long, switching between the different formats. So at the end, it had been an interesting shoot, a fun shoot but a very tiring shoot!

Nikon Video Camera


We have been asked by our clients to shoot lots more video and have been slowly building up our video portfolio. The projects so far have ranged from the simple instructional videos to a mini documentary. Our current tool of choice is the Nikon D7000 with a few bits added. We chose this model because it's full HD, has adjustable stereo audio, it's compact, lightweight but still robust and compatible with our existing range of Nikon lenses. It on occasion, comes out to play on stills jobs too! The camera has been partnered with a brand new, shiny Apple 17" laptop with lots of memory and FInal Cut Pro for editing. The new video projects have created lots of new challenges which we have loved and surprisingly for us lots of our 'stills skills' have quickly migrated over to the moving image. We are currently working on a remake of The Sound of Music based in Pitsea and Das Boot which will be moored off Southend Pier!

Dr Mark
Dr Mark


Shooting videos for us has been interesting because it's a little like the pre digital days as everything needs to be correct in camera. Retouching video is possible but much more involved and time consuming, so it really does pay to get the products right. Planning is even more important and discussing and organising the shoot is vital. Every stage of the project needs to fit in place as the whole shoot can become compromised if an important part is missing or not right. Yes, we can shoot from a different angle to hide something, but, it can sometimes look odd. The best way to plan your shoot is to produce a storyboard or shooting script, covering all required variations. This means that at the time of editing we have enough footage to create the correct output. Of course, we can help you through the process, but it's always best to have a meeting to discuss your requirements before and not leave it till the morning of the shoot.

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