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photonews 21.11.2012

On this day in 1980 83m tuned in to find out who killed JR 34 sleeps until Christmas


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This month
Musto Jacket Close Up

High Speed

November has seen us on a more than normal number of location jobs. One of which took us up to Leeds. To be precise, it was The Leeds Royal Armouries. We were commissioned by Olympus to shoot their very clever, high speed camera being pushed to its limits filming bullets being fired from various guns. The aim of the day for the ballistic specialists was to examine the effects of the deflection of the bullet on different surfaces and our aim was to capture them doing it. Health and safety was paramount for all of us as we wanted to go home at the end of the day without any extra holes. The staff there were fantastic, straight to the point without any waffle. Simple instructions such as don't point loaded guns at people, don't cross set lines during shooting and always wear your ear protectors, basically, don't get shot. It was a really unusual environment to be in. A cross between CSI and your Grandad's shed, as some of the targets were a tad homemade. We got some excellent shots (pardon the pun) which will appear on Olympus' exhibition stands in the future.

Musto baselayer

Booking models

Organising shoots with professional models can sometimes get complicated and needs to be properly planned. Fortunately for you Angela and Michelle have a wealth of experience in this area and a great number of contacts to call upon. As a company we use all kinds of models, from glamorous high-end agencies to smaller, more local ones who represent less experienced people. From newborn babies to OAPs, character faces, big, small, hands or feet, you name it, we've shot it. As a client, all you need to give us is a brief stating what kind of model you need and the girls here can put together a 'light box' ie a selection of suitable options. Then, when you have shortlisted them into you 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices they can go back to the agency and start discussing dates and times. We can also help you with wardrobe. Checking that your chosen model has a "red winter coat" and if not, we have the means to acquire one. One very important task that Angela and Michelle do is, especially if there are a lot of models in the shoot, is the scheduling for the day, making sure that you get value for money per model by avoiding too much hanging around and wasting time. So if you want to put Angela and Michelle to the test to see if they can find the perfect person for your next campaign, then give us a call.

Nikon Video Camera

Screen sharing

I have mentioned it in the past but a service that we offer and want to shout about is screen sharing, which when it comes to model photography is absolutely invaluable. Whether it be on your desktop computer (PC, Mac) or on your iphone or ipad, we can show you exactly what we can see on our monitor, live as we shoot. This has many benefits, but the main ones are that if you are present at the time of the shoot but want to get feedback from your team in the office, we can screen share with them. Or, if its only going to be a relatively short shoot and you can't make it to the studio, you can stay in the comfort of the office and still feel like you are 'in the room'. This service is a great way to cut costs and ensure that the perfect shot is obtained every time. It allows the technical guy back at the office to advise on issues with equipment or allow the boss to have their input when they feel that the perfect look or style has been reached, without having to drag extra people to the studio. The system is relatively simple, normally requiring you to just click a link in a browser and the software does the rest. So, if you have accidently booked your holiday at the same time as your next shoot, don't panic, you can now still be part of the action while you sunbathe by the pool!

Dr Mark
Dr Mark


This month we have been talking a lot about models and the extra work involved. So here are some quick tips and things to consider when planning a model shoot. You don't have to always use professional models, as sometimes there is someone in your company who can do the shot just as well. But be aware the complications that could arise should that person leave and move to a competitor. If the person in the shot is very prominent then maybe you should consider a professional model. Sometimes this will be more cost effective as a professional model will be more relaxed in front of the camera and work faster. When booking a model through us, all we need is a rough brief plus how and where the shots are to be used as the agency charge different rates for different uses, as well as time constraints, ie how long you can used the image for. It is always better to negotiate those rates at the beginning rather than trying to extend the license after the time period has elapsed. And lastly, try not to rely on the models to bring clothes, as their idea of smart/casual can be very different from yours.

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