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photonews 29.5.2012

5 days until the Diamond Jubilee 60 days until the London Olympics


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New Client

Thirtythree and LV=

Earlier this year we were contacted by Thirtythree an agency that specialises in Employer Branding and Marketing. They were in the middle of planning a refresh for LV= recruitment advertising. Their first question to us wasn't how good are you or what examples have you got, that came later, it was how high is your studio ceiling! This was because they wanted to shoot straight down onto a large heart shaped bed they were having made. As some of you know we have a tower that we can work from. As the ideas developed and expanded we ended up shooting in both studios, the high shots in the big studio and a heart chair in the small studio. With up to 20 people in the studio it was really a manic but very enjoyable experience, you would never believe the amount of tea we got through!

This Month

10 Years Old

Last month we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Yes it only seems like yesterday that Phil, Angela and Mark took over from our retiring old boss Ron. The original company started in 1972 based in Stanford-le-Hope and moved to Laindon, Basildon in 1978. A couple of years later PAL as it was known then, acquired the building that we still occupy. As you can imagine the industry has changed massively in that time. All the early work was in black and white, colour being reserved for big important jobs and everything took twice as long, because of polaroids, exposing different films, processing and printing. So totally different now in the digital age. We still have on file negative N°0001 a picture of an old electric valve for English Electric Valve.

Dr Mark


So Phil, Angela and Mark have been running Photographic Assignments for the last 10 years but the company has existed for 40 years and over that time we have had some quite amazing challenges. Requests have included 3D photography, which we researched and got rather good at, product videos and video editing, 360 spin photography which we will go into in the coming months. Then there are the photos that have required planes, cranes and cherry pickers.(Mark hates these as he is scared of heights, but luckily Phil loves them) We have been asked to shoot in the deep dark dirty depths of ships and clinically clean environment of operating theatres in fact we have shot everything from nuclear power stations to drawing pins. So can you top that and give us another challenge.


Capture One

A lot of you are very interested in the software we use and like most photographers our main editing medium is Photoshop. We are currently on CS5. The real difference comes with the Capture One RAW converter and image editing software we use. The program does not just tether the camera it also analyses the RAW data file and brings out the true detail, colour, and tones. It also gives us the ability to adjust the images much more than Photoshop will allow, without producing nasty artefacts and errors. These changes can then be applied instantly to all the selected images. So we get images of higher quality and you get them faster. Capture One are based in Denmark and are world leads in this field and we are proud to have been associated with them and have recently became beta testers for their future software.

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