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photonews 20.2.2012

70 days until the Diamond Jubilee 133 days until the London Olympics


Maxed out March

Maybe market conditions are improving as we have been extremely busy this month. So we would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank all our customers for the work and secondly for being flexible in allowing us to fit it all in.

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you

The rev counter image above was in fact shot in the studio and made from an old bit of plastic and an A4 printout not from the dashboard of a Lamborghini!!

01268 413811 


One from the Portfolio

John F Hunt Demolition was formed in 1982 and has become one of the leading specialist demolition contractors in the UK. We were asked to document the removal of large parts of Heathrow Terminal 4's roof during a recent refit. The job took place at night as the terminal was still being used, which wasn't a problem for us as it emphasized the sparks. From a Health and Safety aspect, we had to follow very strict rules as they didn't want us to catch fire or get squashed by large sections of falling steel. It was a challenging job but we thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!

Dr Mark

Tricks and Tips

With the advent of new easier to use domestic digital cameras, there is great desire to cut costs and "do it yourself". But what always gets overlooked is the skill and experience that is required to get the best from the shot. In our world the camera is only the beginning. We have a range of lenses to create different effects not just fit it in. Then there is the limitless results that can be achieved using lighting techniques and angles. All this is before you consider what can now be achieved in post production and Photoshop. It's very easy to get lost. So think what your up against before you buy a camera, do you have skills and the time save the money and get it done right?

This Month

We have been...

Shooting Chairs!!!!!!!!

Yes the studio was packed to the rafters with office chairs for Verco office furniture this month. The most recent shot for them was quite straight forward, but Verco have had us shooting their furniture in the strangest of places, on the beach, in the middle of Docklands, at Alexandra Palace, in old factories. In fact we enjoy the challenge and always look forward to the next job. Maybe in a coal mine next time, or the middle of a football stadium or on the London Eye!!!


Social Marketing

Talk to us

Talk to us at the beginning of any of your projects, this will allow us to help plan your shoot. We can then pass on our experience and highlight any pitfalls before they become a problem. Forward planning will allow us to...

1 Work more efficiently

2 Produce better images

3 Be more cost effective

All resulting in better sales for you!

So give us a bell.



Or as the business call them, light modifier, softboxes, cones, reflectors, snoots, it goes on and on..... All these clever bits allow us to control the type of light we want to create in order to bring out the best in your product. There are literally hundreds of combinations and that's before we start to adapt existing parts. Light for us isn't really about making it bright enough to photograph it's really about bringing out shape, texture and highlighting features. Basically making your images standout on the page and giving you the unfair advantage!

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