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photonews 31.7.2012

The London Olympics have started!!! 146 days until Chirstmas


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The skies are blue, the birds are singing and the temperature is soaring. Yes, summer has finally started, but be warned its not going to last long. So if you require location or exterior shots, get them organised soon. Before you know it the leaves will be turning, nights drawing in and christmas will be upon us. Talking of christmas, our upside down back to front lives continue, we have already finished two projects for the festive season. I guess we will be shooting valentine gifts or easter eggs soon. As the weather has been so bad recently it will not surprise you this months main image was taken a couple of years back, in the South of France when on a road trip. The fields were just full of sun flowers, the light lovely, I couldn't resist pulling over and spending an hour or so taking shots for fun.

This Month

Drive In Studio

This month has been really busy, you can tell as July's newsletter was almost published in August. It was quite hard to choose a job as many of them are still on going. The job I have chosen is for a company who provide Ford spare Parts. The work came through an agency called Exit3 and the campaign was to promote prizes that could be earned though sales. The delivery van was to have its rear doors open and be full of goodies. There was talk of shooting outside or maybe in a Ford showroom. It became more practical to shoot it in the studio because of the wonderful weather. The lead up to the day of the shoot was quite strange as we kept taking delivery of prizes for the shoot. Lorries and vans would arrive and upload large flat screen TV's, PS3, Xboxes, Kindles and other great gadgets. The real shame was we had to give them all back!



Sometimes the studio looks more like a laundry than a place to create images. This is because when we shoot a clothing catalogue its not uncommon for two to three hundred items to turn up in one go. All the clothes need to be prepared and that is one large ironing pile! Hopefully these items are new and unworn. Although sometimes they may be sales samples or used on location first which makes life a bit harder. So we need every bit of help to get though them and thats were our trusty steamer steps in. It might be mundane but it saves hours and hours of work. Also its not just good on clothes, we use it to smooth off just about anything from prams to plastic cables, sofa cushions to welding screens. In fact an efficient commercial studio couldn't function properly without one!

Dr Mark

Looking Good

Having a good shot of the Company HQ can be worth thousands. It gives potential customers confidence that they are dealing with established dependable people. We can all imagine the shot. Squeaky clean modern building, deep blue sky, manicured lawn, two or three new BMW's dotted about in the car park, attractive professional staff walking out of the entrance holding brief cases. This image doesn't just happen it needs to be organised. Even before you look at the weather forecast you need to establish when would be the best time of day? Which direction does the building face? Can you achieve the right angle from the ground or do we need a cherry picker? Is the building clean? Does the grass need cutting? Is the car park overflowing? Although lots can be done in photoshop, it saves time and money to get the basics right. Then we can start looking for a weather window. Give us a call and we can help you plan.

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