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photonews 27.1.2012

127 days until the Diamond Jubilee 182 days until the London Olympics


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. Another year on, another year older and another year wiser?
Our opening shot this year has a similar feel to last January's newsletter, where we showed a shot lit by blue LEDs. The surface mounted LED light above is manufactured by Light Graphix, a company that design and produce architectural and display lighting. Their projects include shopping complexes, hotels, theatres, restaurants, cinemas etc, and they supply lighting for customers throughout the world.
As photographers we enjoy the challenge and complexities of capturing lighting.

01268 413811 


One from the Portfolio

Property Letting Furniture Solutions or PLFS have been a regular client and recently updated their product range. They required photography of
18 room sets and individual product shots for their soon to be launched website. PLFS invited our input at the very beginning of the assignment so that together with designers and set-builders, we were able to work through the complexities such a large shoot entails. With such a huge amount of furniture to assemble, store and shoot it was decided the most cost effective route would be to hire an empty warehouse near PLFS's base for a few weeks. Whilst shooting one set, the next set was being prepared and this allowed us to photograph 3 sets a day including a number of close ups. The results were a huge saving in time, so planning really did pay off for this client.

Dr Mark

Tricks and Tips

Sometimes it's not in the country, hasn't been finalised or it's just stuck in customs. Yes, it can all go pear shaped and to quote Bob the Builder… "We Can Fix It." Everyday we make something blue red or something red green, or something big small or something small big or turn individuals into groups.

"Yes we know it's glossy but can it be matt, silver, wood, stone?"

If you can't get the final item, we can make your prototype look like the finished product, the rough look like the smooth. We really can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

This Month

We have been...

Shooting babies!!!!!!!!

We have just finished shooting the Spring/Summer catalogue for Babies R Us. This takes place during the run up to Christmas which has now become our busiest period. Our studio, or shall we say creche, is often full of the little darlings and here's a cute shot from last year that featured prominently in both the catalogue and on the web.
This year drove Angela mad as we had to get models to fit the clothes not clothes to fit the model because we only had a limited range of sample sizes.


Social Marketing

Talk to us

Talk to us at the beginning of any of your projects, this will allow us to help plan your shoot. We can then pass on our experience and highlight any pitfalls before they become a problem. Forward planning will allow us to…

1 Work more efficiently

2 Produce better images

3 Be more cost effective

All resulting in better sales for you!

So give us a bell.



Yes We Can Do Video!!!!!




Over the last couple of years we have repeatedly been asked if we could undertake video projects. At first we only took on smaller jobs but we have now invested in our own kit and software to enable us to take on larger requests. Star Wars is a bit beyond us at the moment but for anything else give us a call.

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