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photonews 24.8.2012

5 days to Paralympic Games 122 days until Chirstmas


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The main image above shows the new addition of the Olympic rings under the now famous Basildon sign! As you may be aware we have been counting down the days to the Olympics for a whole year and then sadly they were over much too soon. It left us all though with a huge sense of pride for team GB and the London 2012 organisers. The much anticipated dip in business and grid locked traffic didn't happen for us. Some people even spoke of better than normal travel conditions! Here in sunny Basildon, we have been fortunate to be left with the legacy of the new Basildon Sporting Village, as used by the Japanese swimming team and also the much improved local infrastructure. Also, we had the added excitement of looking out for clients that had volunteered to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies, of course they were sworn to secrecy not to tell us any of the details. So now you've seen team GB work together, give us a call and experience team PAL in action!

This Month

The Art Fund

As we mentioned last month, it seems bizarre shooting Christmas products in the middle of August, but that is exactly what we have been up to this month. Sian is a designer we have a long standing relationship with through Field & Trek and GLTC. She now works for The Art Fund and they required new images for their Xmas brochure. We shot a couple of tests, and because her directors were very happy with the concept, the project expanded to include reshooting and refreshing the website as well. This allowed us to increase the efficiency of the project by tweaking the images to fit the brochure as well as the web and therefore reduced their costs. The Art Fund are a fantastic non profit making organisation who raise money to help museums and galleries buy art through the sales of the National Art Pass, a fantastic card which entitles you to free entry to over 200 museums and up to 50% off some exhibitions
…definitely an ideal gift for that art lover in your life! It was a really interesting project because it included a mix of models, sets and product/catalogue shots. We look forward to working with Sian & The Art Fund again soon.


Archival of Images

Once upon a time there was a small friendly photographic studio in Essex that had a lovely archive room in which they stored all their negatives and transparencies. The negs and trannies were all very happy in their little home until the new CD's with their shiny jewel cases and promise of eternal storage came along. No one wanted film anymore. So the archive Room was then fitted out with new racking and all the negatives and transparencies were sadly boxed up and put away, never to see the light of day again. But soon the CD's big brother, the DVD came along and started replacing them. The DVD's felt proud of their 4.5 GB of storage and universal acceptance, leaving their smaller brothers the more menial tasks. Unfortunately for both, technology moves on and Blu-rays, memory sticks and huge network drives are already preparing to replace them, leaving the poor DVD's and CD's as useful as Jazz and Zips disks, 1.44inch floppy discs and Betamax tapes.

Dr Mark

Looking after your Images

What is the best way to look after the CD's or DVD's we send to you?
The first thing you should do when you receive a disc from us is to copy it onto your hard-drive and then get a copy backed up on your company server. Hopefully your IT guys can help you with that. Next, in an ideal world you would have a darkened room or filing cabinet for storage. What you shouldn't do is store them on a windowsill, near to a radiator or in damp places such as next to the office kettle, but in reality, I guess many of them are shoved into drawers amongst the pens and pencils. Try to resist the temptation to use them as a coaster for coffee mugs! If you do have a little mishap with your disc, don't panic, you can rest assured that we hold here an archive of all your images, so even if you do loose it, or coffee does get spilt on it, we will be able to re-write one for you. And, finally if you're sending the disc direct to your printer or designer, make sure you have a copy of it made before you send it, as the main reason for re-writing discs is to replace lost ones when sent out of the office!

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