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photonews 27.9.2011

89 Days until Christmas 304 days until the London Olympics



The kids are all back to school and the summer is over (if you blinked, you may have missed it!) There are 89 shopping days until Christmas, so let’s all stop playing around and get back to some serious work.
Talking of playing around, here’s a silly shot we put together for fun. We had just finished shooting some corporate portraits, when the client asked if we could do a quick shot of the company’s pet Labrador dog.
The temptation to put the end result together was just too great…it made us smile anyway.

01268 413811 


One from the Portfolio

The New Holland tractor plant, as locals will know, is just up the road from our studio.
Over recent years, we have been lucky enough to be asked to undertake a variety of projects for them. One of the most challenging was to photograph in just one day, every member of staff working on that particular shift. This was to be used for a giant banner promoting the achievements of the workforce. It was decided to use reportage style photography to capture the staff at their work stations. The result was a really spectacular piece of photo documentary, showing what really takes place in the factory in one day, from the General Manager to the Cleaners. The final images were then montaged together to produce a massive 10mx2m banner, which hangs in pride of place in the factory.

Dr Mark

Tricks and Tips


As most of you would know, if you have ever received a disc from us, our main high-res files are saved in a CMYK format.
This is done so that we can get a truer representation of the final printed image. Some photographers work purely in RGB. But only 60% of the colour information of an RGB files can be printed. This can lead to unfortunate colour shifts and loss of saturated colours…i.e. blue skies, company logos etc. Working in CMYK does require more care and subtlety in adjustments. So we try to get everything right at the point of capture, rather than lots of changes later in Photoshop. When you open one of our files, we do ask you not to change the original colour profile. If you have been supplied a profile for your printer, we are always happy to apply that in our software. All this extra work leads to better colour reproduction and more striking images on the page.

This Month

We have been...

Shooting Electrothermal

Who are market leaders in the design & manufacture of laboratory heating & control products based in Southend. We have had a long and happy relationship with them and work closely with their marketing department. As their products are specialised and sell in relatively small numbers, we often photograph early samples and modify them to create variations so that they can visualise changes before committing them to production. Although the shoots are very technical, they can also be great fun, as the studio starts to look like the lab of a mad scientist!


Social Marketing

We Need You

We rely heavily on recommendations, and this is where YOU come in!
If you know of someone who needs some fantastic photography, then, please refer them to us.
And if you have a spare 5 minutes later today and you fancy helping us out, then please add a review or recommendation on any of our following sites…Facebook, LinkedIn, Hotfrog, Google places, Twitter…..



Focus Stacking

Focus stacking is a technique where many images are taken of a product with different focus points and then layered together to produce one final image with an extreme depth of field. ie, it’s all very sharp from the nearest to the furthest point and not fuzzy or blurry! This is useful because when you get closer to a product or if the product is very small, the area which can be kept sharp becomes limited. This process allows images to be captured which otherwise would be optically impossible. So, if you produce small products and want to enlarge them to exhibition sized prints, then this is the solution for you.

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