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photonews 25.11.2011

30 Days until Christmas 245 days until the London Olympics


Anisha Grange

We are delighted to be working for Hallmark Healthcare who have recently opened their flagship Care Home in Billericay. Hallmark are new clients who initially commissioned us to photograph the laying of the foundations, and then went on to ask us to photograph the finished building and the opening ceremony.
For their literature they required day and night shots which meant discreet planning. The car park needed to be as tidy as possible without upsetting the residents and visitors, and at night the lights all needed to be on and the blinds/curtains set consistently. With close liaison with staff and some forward thinking, this was all achieved. We look forward to working with Hallmark Healthcare in the future.

01268 413811 


One from the Portfolio

Olympus has a division that specialises in high speed video and over the years this has led us to take shots in unusual places,
We’ve all seen crash test dummies on the tv and we had the opportunity to go to a test lab to photograph the high speed camera in use. Olympus had previously contacted the test facility to arrange permission for us to come down.
What doesn’t come across in the image is the fact that it was extremely hot. The test lab is equipped with huge banks of powerful lights which made the room feel like an oven, so much so even the dummies started to sweat! Being tested is a brand new aircraft seat.
The eagle eyed will notice that we also took our own ‘dummy’ in the blue overalls who stood in as an operator.
We must take this opportunity to mention that the high speed cameras are designed and manufactured in the UK..

Dr Mark

Tricks and Tips

Night Shots

Shots of your building or office at night can really be a great alternative or compliment to the more usual ‘blue sky’ style of daytime images. However night shots require much forethought and organisation.
The building needs to be prepared! Window blinds or shutters need to be adjusted and normally lights need to be turned on. With some modern buildings this is no longer as easy as flicking a switch as energy saving systems kick in and turn all the lights off when the staff leave. Fortunately staff car parks tend to empty out but occasionally get used by cheeky neighbours out of hours and sometimes even by long distance lorry drivers! We normally require a staff manager or member to stay late to assist with such issues and requirements.
So why don’t you give it a go now whilst it gets dark early, then we can all get home at a reasonable time!.

This Month

We have been...

Shooting Streaks

Matrix Networks are based in Warrington and install electrical infrastructure. They had just finished working on the new Southend Airport link road and required some interesting street lighting shots for various press releases. They searched Google and contacted us via our website.
With such an open brief, we were allowed to play. It was nice to have some fun with long time exposures and effects, but this didn’t last long as we’d only be working for half an hour before the airport security and later the police asked what we were up to. Fortunately we had all the relevant paperwork which has been previously organised, and so were able to continue to play!


We Need You

Talk to us

Talk to us at the beginning of any of your projects, this will allow us to help plan your shoot. We can then pass on our experience and highlight any pitfalls before they become a problem. Forward planning will allow us to…

1 Work more efficiently

2 Produce better images

3 Be more cost effective

All resulting in better sales for you!

So give us a bell.



Epson Stylus Pro 4900S

Angela has let us spend some money !!!

For a while we have wanted to upgrade our printer. Although printing is not our main source of revenue, we do get asked to produce limited prints runs which require the very highest quality and colour accuracy. Up until now we have been restricted by the speed and size of output. For us the new 4900S ticks all the right boxes, this machine, and more importantly the software, produces amazing results. Combined with its SpectroProofer the 4900S produces colour and consistency never seen before!
We can now output on a roll up to 17” wide by any length required. The true advantage of having your printing done in-house is that we are in control of both quality and colour.
For any questions or prices, call us on 01268 413811

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