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photonews 19.5.2011

219 Days until Christmas 434 days until the London Olympics



We’ve been making the most of this glorious weather.
Mark took the opportunity to go on an early morning shoot at Dungeness to test a new Nikon 35mm digital camera with a fellow photographer & lecturer at South Essex College.
We’ve made some strong links with the local University & College and actively encourage students in Photography & Design, often having them in the studio for work experience or even just for a chat.
Mark has managed to get some really great shots.

What do you think of this one? Let us know!

01268 413811 


One from the Portfolio

This one from the portfolio was shot for a recruitment firm via Shaw Design Agency (Now Shaw+ Skerm).
Matt asked us to source a high class, classic top-hat to evoke a sense of quality & style.
Using our contacts and talking to people from hire & prop houses we finally tracked down the perfect one.
Other items for our shopping list consisted of: - strawberries, ice, rawl plugs, an arrow, jump-leads and a Porsche 911 turbo.

Not your average weekly shop!

Dr Mark

Tricks and Tips

Image size & DPI

All cameras are created equal… some more equal than others!
There seems to be great confusion as to whether an image is high resolution or not.
Very often we are supplied a file which we are told is ‘high res’ because it’s at 300dpi.
This is not always the case. DPI stands for ‘dots per inch’
So, to be high res, an image should be, for example 300dpi at 15”x10” (4500px X 3000px) which equals 38.6Mb.
It is possible to have an image of 300dpi at 1”X 2” (300px X 600px which equals 527.3K) which would not be considered high res.
The important factor is the total number of dots (pixels) in the image not the DPI.
So, the only true way to find out is to open it in Photoshop and view the image size.
We’ll talk more about this next month.


This Month

We have been...

To Aintree

This month found Mark & Phil spending three days in Aintree, Liverpool photographing a new Endoscopy department for Olympus Keymed.

The exterior shots were not part of the original brief, but seeing that the weather was so lovely, they decided to make the most of the opportunity, therefore adding some extra value to the job.
So, if you need new images of your premises, call us NOW, while the weather’s still good.


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While on location, we pride ourselves on having the same control & flexibility as we have in the studio, this is because we can shoot directly onto our laptop.

This allows the client the opportunity to view the images on a large, high resolution screen, on-site and give instant approval. Plus it enables them to be able to have visual input to the creativity of the final images.

When the deadline is very tight, we can always download the images off the laptop direct to them, there & then.

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