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photonews 23.3.2011

37 days until the Royal Wedding 492 days until the London Olympics


It's Spring!

Welcome to the March edition of photonews. Isn’t it nice to have some bright clear skies & warmer weather, makes you feel like going out there and getting closer to nature. Don’t forget that the clocks go forward on Sunday 27th March officially marking the start of British summertime. Now is the time to start planning any location shots you may have been considering over the long dark winter months.
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One from the Portfolio

January featured an interior shot so this month we have an exterior. This image was taken at the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) headquarters in West London at 5am, so that we could capture the building in the best possible light. It also helped as we had to finish before the start of business. We travelled to the location the night before with a van full of kit, and stayed overnight in a local pub!!
Although the shot looks like it is taken during the day, it was still quite dark so a long exposure was needed – thank goodness for the trusty old tripod!

Dr Mark

Tricks and Tips

Health & Safety

As the world of H&S is now upon us, we always have to make sure we adhere to the guidelines. This is never more relevant than when we are shooting on location in factories or warehouses. Just recently we had to dot the I’s and cross the T’s when visiting a vehicle manufacturer. Having completed the appropriate risk assessment, method statement and got a permit for our ladder, confirmed our equipment had been PAT tested, watched the site H&S video, donned our steel toecap boots, high vis jackets, hard hats and goggles, we were ready
to go !!


This Month

We have been...

Shooting Honey

This shot was taken for Wilkin & Sons at Tiptree, the well known producers of fine jam, sauces, puddings, cakes, ice-cream & honeys, who are proudly celebrating their 100 consecutive years of the Royal Warrant, first awarded in February 1911 by King George V.
We love shooting their products as they are always perfectly presented, colourful and the best of all; they encourage us to take them home after the shoot to enjoy! (You should see the scrum!)


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When you need an image to be pixel perfect every time, then a tripod or studio stand is a must.  As you can see, we have every type ready to use in all situations, be it up high for an overhead shot, or down low for an ‘ants eye’ view.  We sometimes use our scaffolding tower in the studio and also have clamps attached to the ceiling for a real ‘birds eye’ view.  On location you can often find Phil hanging out of a cherry picker or shooting from the end of cranes … all with a safety harness on … of course !!!

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