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photonews 21.7.2011

157 Days until Christmas 373 days until the London Olympics


It's July so it must be Christmas!

Thursday Cottage (part of the Wilkin and Sons group) are running a promotion later in the year to launch their Christmas range of individually handmade preserves and puddings and our brief was to create an atmospheric group shot.

It just doesn't seem right to get the tree and lights down from the loft in the middle of summer, but our client appreciated our efforts and was more than happy with the final shots.

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One from the Portfolio

Over the years we have produced many industrial shots and usually each one has its own problems . The ship's boiler shot was a real challenge. Phil was lifted into this claustrophobic boiler through the only access point with a camera, flashgun and laptop, whilst Mark stood in as the operator of this piece of equipment. Firstly the maximum height inside was only about 750mm, it was filthy dirty, most uncomfortable and so cramped that it was impossible to look through the camera. The only way to compose the shot was to use the laptop as a make shift viewfinder. Combining the use of a 60w bulb! and a couple of flash lights they managed to balance the lighting to get the shot, just before the flash gun batteries died.

Dr Mark

Tricks and Tips

Image size & Dpi

Last time we were talking about image size and the fact that it's the total number of pixels or dots not the dpi that's important. Another area that always causes problems is the size of the file when saved. How can a 2mb file be the same as a 30mb file? Well the answer is the file type and compression used. I will stick to two types for simplicity, they are Tiff and Jpeg. Tiff is a fairly simple format and an uncompressed Tiff will be the same size as the original file. It can have compression added but on the whole will only save a small amount of disc space, as it uses a lossless system which retains full quality and detail. Jpeg produces much smaller files but must be treated with some respect as it uses a lossy compression system which can effect image colour and detail. I prefer to use Tiff files and only save Jpeg's on high quality settings when necessary.

This Month

We have been...

Shooting Musto Clothing

This month the studio has been full to the rafters with coats, jumpers, T-shirts, trousers, hats, gloves and women's underwear! You get the picture. Musto produces really high quality clothing for sailing, riding and country casuals.

We supply a complete service for them. The clothes arrive in their packets and we iron, steam , shoot, cutout, then supply files ready for catalogue and website use. The garments are re-boxed and returned to Musto's warehouse.

Check them out here...


Social Marketing

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Capture Pilot

We now offer a service where you can view on your iphone or ipad the shots we are taking. This will mean you don't always have to come to the studio to see the images as this all happens LIVE. The app allows you to remotely view, zoom, rate, tag and give us instant feed-back. It's free to download from the app store. It doesn't supply tea or biscuits, but for those you do still have to visit us!

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