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photonews 25.05.2010

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May issue

Welcome to May's edition of photonews online. This month features more insight into our technology, something to think about and the next meet the staff spot.

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Space can make all the difference

Above you can see two panoramic shots, one of each of our studios. They are both able to cope adequately with any size project you care to throw at us. 

Meet the team

Our staff

Name: Phil Buchanan
Age: Has a 4 + 5 in it (wouldn't say in which order)
Height: Would like to be taller
Marital status: Married
Position: Photographer & retired part-time  model!!! (see April's issue)
Length of service: 33yrs + 1day
Hobbies: Cycling, Bird watching and Football "Come on England"
Favourite music: Vaughan Williams to Lady GaGa
Favourite TV show: Qi & Outnumbered
Favourite film: Cold Mountain
Favourite book: Pillars of the earth - Ken Follett
Quote: "Have you got a sec?" (In joke)



Food! At what cost?

We like to think that we are good at what we do and show your product at its best. Sometimes the work behind a single shot can be missed. What is your perceived value of the shot above?
Now take into consideration our experience, equipment, time & effort.  Added to this is prop sourcing, preparation & post production retouching.

We don't do snaps.

Now does that seem like more value for your money?


Social Marketing

Social marketing is a fantastic way for us to keep in touch. We have created our own Facebook, Twitter and You Tube accounts enabling us to stay in touch with you. If you have access to these sites please click below and follow us. If you feel that you are not the correct person within your business to receive this newsletter, then please click the link on the top right and fill in the correct info.



It's all about the power

It looks like a box, I agree, but this little box delivers all the required power to our lighting rigs. It is able to switch its level to create great ambient lighting levels or crank it right up and you get fantastic light levels. It works wirelessly and receives its signal from the camera to ensure that we have the flash when we need it. We have enough of these babies to power 59000 joules of lighting across both of our studios.

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