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photonews 06.07.2010

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July issue

Welcome to July's edition of photonews online. Those of you with eagle eyes would have noticed that we did not produce a photonews for June. What with the Football, Tennis, Budget and a studio full of clothes and babies, there just wasn't the time.
We still have not had a correct answer to our spot the difference competition. Click here to look again!!!

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Let us work with you to create thought provoking images and let your campaigns stand out....

Above you can see Mark Ridgway, the star of our meet the team slot this week. We used this shot in a marketing campaign to try and increase the amount of work that we do for independent design houses. We have had some interesting feedback and will continue to develop more images in this series.
First one back with what W.O.P.P.A stands for wins a prize!
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Meet the team

Our staff

Name: Mark Ridgway
Age: 35
Height: Shortish (not that short actually) .
Marital status: In a relationship.
Position: Photographic assistant.
Length of service: 11yrs in August.
Hobbies: Drumming, Movies, DIY.
Favourite music: Blues, Rock, Jazz, Everything except techno dance.
Favourite TV show: Lost (on DVD as missed the lot the first time around)
Favourite film: Sleepers & Saving private Ryan.
Favourite book: The Watchers - Dean Koontz
Quote: "It's shagged"




Anyone for Tennis? Ok, so we are just playing on the fact that its Wimbledon week but, don't you think that our strawberry shot above just has that little taste of summer attached. We recently shot this single fruit along with many of its brothers and sisters for a specialist well known preserve manufacturer. The whole studio smelt like summer fruits and left us all feeling hungry!!




Social Marketing

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What you see is what you it? We use professional hi spec monitors connected to our Mac Pro machines. Why? Well check out these impressive numbers.
With the CG241W you get a monitor that is adept at handling graphics work. 

The monitor reproduces 96% of the Adobe RGB color space so it can display most colors in a digital photo taken in Adobe RGB mode.

Our equipment is calibrated regularly to ensure that what the camera sees is the same as the monitor and eventually the final printed image.  

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