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Welcome to photonews

The chances are you have recently been contacted by one of us and asked to be added to our newsletter distribution list. We publish our photonews once a month and include ideas, trends, technical information, case studies and ways to help save you money. It is also an opportunity for us to show you some examples of our creativity. You can always access our current portfolio online by following this link.

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One from the Portfolio

Imagination is a big part of our job, having the ability to capture your product or service and display it in such a way that it provokes thought and gives you the extra focus that you need to really capture the viewers attention.

360 degree view

Spin It!!!

In today's crowded market place it is important to make your product stand out. Let us help you to do this using our innovative interactive interface. We have several different sized turntables and can produce spins with something as small as a phone or as big as a table. To give it a test drive click on the image above and play with the icons on the right hand side of the image displayed.



Image reloaded!

We retouch all of our images giving you the best quality output possible.
Our expertise can be used to create something unusual and interesting (like the image above) or just to give your product that extra little zing. Because we do this in house, you can be assured that your original image does not have to be  "tweeked" by anyone else. Delivering the results you demand.


It's not that expensive

Some of our customers have told us that when you add the time it takes to find an image, then investigate the usage rights, then get it approved for use, then sort out a purchase order, then actually buy it, it can be more cost effective just to pick the phone up and place a call to Photographic Assignments.  If you give us your requirements, we can create the bespoke shot you need and get the finished article to you in no time at all.


So many possibilities

We always invest in the latest technology. This ensures we offer you the best possible results. The Phase One P65 is the highest resolution camera back that money can currently buy and delivers greatest clarity, colour depth and flexibilty. All this means even bigger and better images for you!

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