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photonews 16.12.2010

15 days to go until 2011 9 Sleeps to go until Christmas


Christmas issue

Welcome to our very festive December edition of photonews online. It is indeed that time of year when santa has had to give his sleigh its annual service in readiness for its Christmas eve trip to every home where children are waiting eagerly to wake their parents at some un-natural hour in order to open their presents.

Phil, Mark, Angela, Mark & Michelle would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers, new and old a Merry Christmas & Happy new year.

01268 413811 


Christmas fayre

We had to get into the christmas spirit early this year. The above shot is from our portfolio and was for the Thursday Cottage festive range and was in fact taken in the summer. These seasonal treats are all hand made from the highest quality ingredients and are absolutely delicious.

Yes... we had Christmas pud in July.

Take a Break

Christmas Competition

Why not take a break and spend a couple of minutes having a go at our Christmas competition. Look through the newsletter archive to find the answers.

See if you can answer the questions below....

1. What is Mark B's favourite film?
2. What is Phil's favourite book?
3. What is the model number of the monitors that we use?
4. How long has Angela worked with us?
5. How many flags are flying in our pan head examples?
6. What is Mark Ridgways favourite TV show?
7. What time is showing on the phone in November (you will need to use the controls)?

Email us with the correct answers and you will go into a draw to win a prize.

Xmas competition


We often shoot products out of season. For example as we approach Christmas we are currently shooting a beach scene for Toys R Us as well as products for next years spring / summer catalogue.
We've shot Christmas puddings, gas fires and winter coats in the middle of a heat wave. You try buying a santa suit in July and daffodils in December.



Social Marketing

Social marketing is a fantastic way for us to keep in touch. We have created our own Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube accounts enabling us to stay in touch with you. If you have access to these sites please click below and follow us. If you feel that you are not the correct person within your business to receive this newsletter, then please click the link on the top right and fill in the correct info.

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Twist and Shout

In this months technical spot we thought we would like to talk about lighting....
Yes Christmas lighting.
As you can see above used correctly the results can be amazing. Be warned though, once you store them, they do two things automatically:-
1. tie themselves into knots so badly that it takes hours and hours to untangle.
2. develop a fault causing only half of them to work no matter how many bulbs you twist, plug in and unplug, test and replace. At this point Mark recommends a stiff drink!!
If all else fails, go to the nearest superstore and buy some more.
(Remember not to throw out the faulty ones, as you want to repeat the same experience next year. Ha ha ho).

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