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photonews 16.08.2010

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August issue

Welcome to the august edition of photonews online. This month features shots that look like holiday destinations more insight into our technology, and the next meet the staff spot.

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Space can make all the difference

Above you can see two beach style shots, both make use of our skills as both photographers and artists. One uses a library shot with some clever retouching and the other does not. Can you spot which one is which?. 

Meet the team

Our staff

Name: Angela Jones
Age: (don't be cheeky, whatever it is i don't look it)
Height: 5'10 and shrinking 
Marital status: Married
Position: Studio manager and Financial director
Length of service: 28yrs
Hobbies: Girl Guiding, My Garden, My Son Mark & Disability Football
Favourite music: 60's music, I will sing along with the tunes. "I am a typical Radio 2 listener"
Favourite TV show: The Apprentice, Masterchef  & Have I got news for you
Favourite film: Sleepless in Seattle & Jackie Chan
Favourite book: Noble House by James Clavell and How Girls Can Help to Build Up the Empire by Agnes Baden-Powell
Quote: "Now where did i put that......?"



The Art of Photography

Fine Art reproductions are something that you perhaps would not think of as a part of our business. Well you would be wrong!  We get approached  to replicate fine art because our equipment and the environment it is in gives us the following.

Great professional lighting
Fantastic resolution
Exact colour matching

Our fine art customers tell us that our results speak for themselves and help to keep their art looking great. Remember, in order for a printer to stay true to the original, the work we do is critical. Many an artist has found out to their cost, a small digital camera and Microsoft paint just wont do!!




Social Marketing

Social marketing is a fantastic way for us to keep in touch. We have created our own Facebook, Twitter and You Tube accounts enabling us to stay in touch with you. If you have access to these sites please click below and follow us. If you feel that you are not the correct person within your business to receive this newsletter, then please click the link on the top right and fill in the correct info.



HDD space issue?

I remember when I was a lad, there were no such things as hard drives. I remember spending hours typing lines of code into my Sinclair ZX81copied line by line with much effort and care so as not to get the inevitable "error invalid argument in line 100560". This changed of course with the birth of the low cost tape recorder interface and I was able to save and move on. Helping me to reach the end goal of a 2" (50mm) graphic representation of a gorilla jumping up and down. We keep your precious images on our servers not only in case the unthinkable happens, but also as a reference giving us lighting levels, shot angles and other important data just in case you need us to reproduce the effect with other products.

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