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photonews 21.04.2010

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April issue

Welcome to this next edition of photonews online. This month features some more tips for getting noticed, yet more insight into our technology, something to think about and the first of our meet the staff spots.

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Spot the difference

In last months edition we showed you some clever retouching where we demonstrated a Japanese lady morphing into a cyborg. Just to show you how good we are at retouching, take a look at the images above and find as many differences as you can. Email us how many changes you can see & the correct answers will go into a draw to win a prize.

Meet the team

Our staff

Name: Mark Benson
Age: Not yet 40
Height: 6ft
Marital status: Married
Position: Photographer & Part-time model!!!
Length of service: 16yrs
Hobbies: Motorsport
Favourite music: The Smiths
Favourite TV show: The Simpsons
Currently Learning French
Favourite film: Amelie
Favourite book: A short history of nearly everything - Bill Bryson
Quote: " ...I'll be 10 minutes...."



Summer's coming!

Location, Location, Location
You would be surprised by the number of times we get asked to photograph a subject or building outside in Winter.  The fact is, now the clocks have changed we have more daylight hours. So if you are thinking it would be good to have some shots done, start your planning now & make the most of the summer months. Good as we are at retouching, even Photoshop has its limitations when we are asked to turn a cold, grey, winters day into a hot, flaming June one!


Get noticed

Do you have a product that you are trying to promote?
Are you trying to get noticed using clever imagery?
Believe it or not, this is not a PIR for the jolly green giants house. It is in fact a regular sized detector which we cleverly manipulated in order catch your eye.
Try thinking outside the box and give us a ring & between us we'll find a way of shooting your product to maximise it's impact.


It has to be Mac

In our line of work you have to have good tools, that's why we insist on Apple Mac Pro computers throughout our business. These machines are incredibly good at processing images from our hi-tech camera equipment and can cope with the largest of image files. One of the reasons for this is the Mac's incredible ability to use all 12 Gig of it's on board Ram to complete a task. Another is its ability to refresh our professional monitors during the re-touch process. A PC just wouldn't be able to cope. 

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